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founder of SIGAL

Melissa Seror, a dedicated mother of two and a auto-entrepreneur, is the founder behind Sigal. Her journey began after graduating from the Chambre Syndicale and gaining valuable experience with ready-to-wear fashion brands.

At the age of 29, fueled by creativity and a strong work ethic, she unveiled her first jewelry collection.


Embodying a unique blend of creativity and determination, Melissa's decision to venture into her own brand allowed her to shape it to what it is today.

The challenges of building and managing a brand served as a catalyst for personal and entrepreneurial growth, transforming both herself and Sigal into what they are today. 

Drawing inspiration from the world which surrounds her, seamlessly weaving elements from the past and present, Melissa aspires to offer beautiful pieces and create timeless memories for those eager to explore her brand and embrace it’s distinctive mood.


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