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Founded in 2019, Sigal stands as a French jewellery brand located in the heart of Paris. Our curated collections include statement necklaces and earrings, alongside refined, timeless rings, with a spotlight on our signature product, the iconic "Sig."

Drawing inspiration from vintage pieces with a contemporary twist, our designs artfully play with asymmetry, and intertwining silver with gold elements.


At the core of Sigal's identity is a commitment to uniqueness. Each jewel is meticulously crafted in our Parisian workshop by revered French craftsmen and sourced from French suppliers.

Our creative process ensuring that every piece is infused with exceptional artistry. We exclusively employ semi-precious stones, thoughtfully selected to imbue each creation with a distinctive allure.

In a harmonious collaboration, we partner with a craft house established in 1958, renowned for its expertise in the treatment of gold-based surfaces.

This venerable establishment also crafts jewellery for prominent names in French Haute Couture. Our meticulous selection of craftsmen reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and high standards.

Sigal's jewellery is not only an embodiment of artistry but also a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Crafted in limited quantities within an ethical workspace, our brand aligns closely with our suppliers.

By intentionally minimising stock, we prioritise quality, the creative process, and the introduction of new pieces, exemplifying our conscientious approach to both craftsmanship and the environment.

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